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Photographer's Assistant

Your Assistant!
Weddings At this point in my photography career, I have decided to go the route of being an assistant to professional photographers needing help with large events or wedding coverage. From 1974 to 1988, I worked for a national photo lab in Buffalo, New York. From 2004 to 2009, I ran a full time commercial photography business providing event coverage for a national casino group in Buffalo, New York. During the summer of 2013 I worked for the Lifetouch School division in South Carolina, photographing high school senior portraits. I have worked with several professional photographers in Buffalo, NY before moving to Camden, SC. I have real world work experience shooting weddings and events on my own. And now as my life is settling down in Lugoff, South Carolina. I retired in December 2019. I am ready to assist others in their photo work.

I am available to work as an assistant for other photographers. I enjoy the role of assisting others, whether you are a seasoned pro and just starting out. I am here to assist you, not take over! When you need someone to help move gear or assist with your day, I am available. Simply, I just want to help! And making a couple of extra bucks is good too.

I am not interested...
  • posting images I might take for you on social media (ie. facebook)
  • making copies of images for myself for self promotion
  • the fame of being the lead photographer
  • being the lead photographer, I am most comfortable in the support role
  • using your images in my portfolio, or on my websites

Work Ethics

Baby Boomer Generation
imageFor good or bad, I find that I am in the "baby boomer" generation. I bring certain qualities from that generation that can be helpful to any lead photographer. I have a workaholic mentality, I want to work and I work hard! I am movtivated to accomplishing an assignment correctly. I can work independantly or in a team environment. And I am never to old to learn!

I am...
  • ...Professional - in the way I interact with You and Your clients
  • ...Reliable - If I say I will be there, I will!
  • ...Knowledgable - I don't know everything, but I bring a lot to the "table"
  • ...Ethical - I have high values, and I know my place... as Your assistant

Photography Experience

Real World Photography Experience
image I started in photography back when I was 10, when my Mom gave me my first camera. It was a German Exakta, 35mm SLR! And yes, it was film back then! I have own Canon (the EF was my fav!), Nikon, Pentax, Minolta, Olympus, Kowa 6, Mamiya (C330, RB67), Graflex and even a Hasselblad once! And that was just the film cameras! Digitially I have owned Sony, Olympus, Canon, Nikon, Pentax and now I currently work with Nikon Z mirrorless cameras..

PPofSCI have been photographing weddings and events off and on since the late 70's. Working for others or myself. From 2004 to 2009 I worked full time as a professional photographer with one main client, the Seneca Gaming Corporation. As the main, lead photographer I photographed over 140 concerts, countless events, food photography for culinary staff and the Seneca Nation Pow-wows. From 1974 to 1988 I worked for the Distinctive Marketing Group, primarily for ABC Photo Service (a commerical photo lab and photo retail store chain). The remaining years of my career has been in a variety of management positions. I know how to work with important clients, your clients. If you need a wedding or event photographer, I recommend visiting the Professional Photographers of South Carolina website.  There are many outstanding photographers in their membership.



Currently working with Nikon Z Mirrorless DSLR's
Nikon Z Many know that I am a "gear-head" when it comes to photography... I try never to let my "art" be driven by what gear I have... But in recent years my gear has been driven by lack of funds rather than desire... Buying gear because it was what I could afford, rather than what I want...

Now that has now changed! Recently I started rebuilding my "kit" with gear that I have wanted.

I was working with Sony Alpha and E-series cameras and really enjoyed working with the Sony gear... Due to a variety of good circumstances, I was able to sell all my Sony gear and replace it with Canon gear... And that was good... at the time Canon was the gear I probably knew the best. And when I worked full time as a professional photographer, it is the brand I depended on. For several years I was able to use my true love in camera gear, Olympus.  I used Olympus OM film gear back in the day of film. Then Olympus re-invented that series in a digital format!  As technology changes so does my interest in gear.  After enjoying my Olympus gear for several years, I knew if I were to proceed and succed as a "second shooter" I needed full frame. I went to my favorite camera retailer, Biggs Camera in Charlotte.  I looked at the three major brands - Sony, Canon and Nikon.  I never thought I would decide on Nikon! But it "fit" me!  So with that said, I don't believe anyone will see a difference in my photos, but when I will feel better with the camera in my hands my confidence rises... and that confidence will equate into improving my Art!

I love gear as much as photography itself. I can talk for hours on camera stuff... from bags to lenses to flashes...

I currently own the Nikon Z5 with four Nikon lenses and a Tamron zoom. I have "cherry picked" my lenses for the type of work I do for myself. I have several shoe flash units as well multiple studio lights that are portable enough for shooting large groups as well as various backdrops. And for my work, I enjoy using LED lighting.

Dave Miller - Photographer

Lugoff, South Carolina
PHONE or Text: (803) 420-2536
My rates for Assisting or being the second:
General Assistance in Columbia, SC area - $150 per day
General Assistance in Charleston, SC area - $225 per day
General Assistance in Charlotte, NC area - $225 per day
General Assistance in Augusta, GA area - $225 per day
Contact me for travel to other areas of South Carolina or North Carolina. I am not afraid to travel a few hours.